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Welcome to the EZ Kids (Economics Zone for Kids) Marketplace!

The EZKids Marketplace is an online marketplace of individual makers. Most of our shops are owned by K-12 Students, school groups, homeschool groups and other young makers.When you shop at the EZ Kids Marketplace, shop owners donate 22% of their earnings to support the EZ Kids Creativity Shell nonprofit classes in schools, libraries and shelters that rescue children from homeless and human trafficking! Donations from EZKIds.com individual stores are tax deductible!


The EZ Kids Marketplace is being dubbed as a cross between Etsy and Goodwill. By selling your handmade or used goods, you can donate a portion of the proceeds to support the EZ Kids Creativity Shell.


The EZ Kids Creativity Shell is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to find creative ways to educate and inspire the next generation of makers!

When our organization was formed in 2015, or initial goal was to return home economics to the education system.After launching our first sewing/textile arts classes however, we were faced with a larger crisis than initially imagined. One of the biggest challenges we encountered (and still do today) is the lack of practical skills among the students we teach.Students have difficulty utilizing fine motor skills to complete tasks such as tying knots, cutting fabrics and threading needles. Furthermore, the lack in their ability to use fine motor skills adds to extreme frustration, the inability to cope and poor problem solving / decision-making skills.

This is a new generation of children. Many of the things they were born into—fast Internet, cell phones, computers, tablets, Amazon Prime—were things that we’ve adopted to. Many of us adults have difficulty going without our modern technologies, but imagine what it’s like for the students who do not know anything else. Because of these combined factors, the EZ Kids Creativity Shell was split into two equal entities the Economics Zone for Kids(EZ Kids) and the Creativity Shell.

The Creativity Shell teaches classes such as sewing/textile arts, cooking, woodworking, STEAM sewing and other trades classes to children in schools, public libraries and shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking. The Economics Zone for kids (EZ Kids) teaches children about business, finance, entrepreneurship and economics.

On the EZ Kids Marketplace, you will find stores owned by K-12 Makers, Mommy/Daddy & Me Shops, Scout Groups, 4-H Groups, Special Education Groups and more.Most of the items in this marketplace are handmade, but there will also be stores that contain gently used goods, up-cycled goods and other creative ideas. When items are sold on the EZ Kids Marketplace, stores will donate 22% of their proceeds to support the EZ Kids Creativity Shell. (Donations are tax deductible!)


K-12 MAKERS: All of our K-12 Stores consist of items made by k-12 students!

MOMMY/DADDY & ME: What a great way to teach your little ones about business and commerce! Open a mommy and me store and parents can work with their kids to sell used items or co-make some of the items sold in the store.

HANDMADE: All items in the handmade stores are “Made by Hand.”

SCHOOLS & GROUPS: Schools and groups are encouraged to start a store. Funds can be used to support group activities or to continue to facilitate learning.

The EZKids Marketplace is a "Child Friendly" Environment. All items on this website must be child friendly and all shoppers on this site must be child friendly. We reserve the right to remove any buyer or seller on this site at our discretion.

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