Creativity Shell

When the EZ Kids Creativity Shell was formed in 2015, we decided to split our organization into two equal parts. Our Creativity Shell is used to teach classes such as sewing, textile arts, cooking, woodworking painting, jewelry making and more.Classes are taught in our studio/makerspace as well as in public libraries, schools and shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking.

As we continue to teach the next generation of makers, our EZ Kids Marketplace is designed to be an economics zone where our students can learn about the business side of perfecting their craft. On, you will find K-12 Makers, Mommy and Me stores, special education student stores and more.

All stores on will donate 22% of the proceeds they make back to the EZ Kids Creativity Shell. These donations will help our organization continue to teach classes to children across Houston, Rochester NY and soon the USA!

To visit our Creativity Shell website, please go to